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The Growth Alignment Model


The knowledge gained from the 10Ts assessment has revealed that there are three key areas that most businesses face challenges with.


Strong leadership will drive a thriving culture in a company based on solid core values.  

Poor leadership leads to a lack of accountability and poor business culture. 

This eventually leads to high employee turnover, reduced sales/profits, and challenges in retaining customers. 

Ultimately, poor leadership that lacks vision and purpose leads to stagnant growth!

How is the leadership in your business? Take the 10Ts assessment to find out!

Strategy and Execution

A well thought out, focused, and clear strategy leads to growth, increased market share, and profits. Strategy defines the tactics and execution. 

A business that lacks a clear strategy will not grow exponentially because there is no long term vision, no goals.

Businesses that lack vision and clear goals tend to consistently be on the defence as opposed to the offence, reacting to change as opposed to driving change, in turn leading to periods of increased stress and moments of panic.

Does your business have a clear and concise strategy? Take the 10Ts assessment to find out!

Resource Truth

The final challenge that many businesses face is a lack of resources.  

Businesses with strong leadership and clear strategy, tend to have the capital they require to fuel growth.

Businesses that lack strategy and a well-thought-out tactical plan tend to stagnate and go nowhere because they lack the resources to grow. 

Many owners end up "Working In" as opposed to "Working On" the business because they have to. 

The lack of resources also leads to higher employee burnout leading to higher turnover which in turn can impact the level of satisfaction amongst customers leading to lost sales and profits.

Reduced assets, higher debts, low margins, and consistent cash flow issues are some clear signs that a business is facing significant challenges.

Does your business have the resources to grow? Take the 10Ts assessment to find out!

The Solution - Alignment

The goal of STAND Advisors is to help guide you in creating alignment between your Leadership, Strategy, and Resource Truth.

The starting point is identifying the key areas that need focused attention. The 10Ts empowers STAND Advisors and you to start the business conversation about the challenges your business is facing. Based on your scores we customize the first 90-day plan to bring you closer to alignment!

Steps to Success

Complete the 10Ts Assessment.

Book a 60-minute meeting with a STAND Advisor. During this first session, your Advisor will go over your 10Ts score and provide you with some preliminary solutions to meet some of the challenges you are facing. Book your 60-minute meeting today.

The next step is a 90 minute meeting with your STAND Advisor.  During this meeting, you can ask any questions you have about the resources you were given access to.  At that time, your Advisor will also provide you with a 90 day plan to begin working on creating Alignment. Your Advisor will also provide you with complete details of the success solutions we provide when you start working with us on your business success journey. 

STAND Business Success Journey

When you decide to become a client and join STAND on your business success journey, you gain access to these solutions:

An Advisor who STANDs by you during every step of your business success journey.

Our resource library of STAND tools and videos, which provides you with solutions to every challenge identified in your 10Ts assessment.

A custom 90-day journey to give you direction and best practices to implement into your business.

Monthly meetings with your Advisor to hold you and your team accountable.

Access to a community of peers that are also following the STAND business success journey.

Quarterly strategy cohort boot camps.

Combined, all of the solutions that STAND provides empowers you to bring your business into Alignment so that you can grow and succeed!

Still, have questions? Want to learn how we have helped other businesses succeed. Click here to review the Case Studies of STAND clients that worked with STAND on their business success journey!

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