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Take the 10Ts. Get 10x ROI.

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Is your business built for growth? 

Do you have a winning strategy in place? 

Take STANDs free 10Ts assessment to discover the gaps and gain access to the tools needed to help your team develop the mindset, strategy, and execution plan to drive growth.

The 10Ts Assessment scores your business on the following:


to assess your business on its strategy, value proposition, and branding.


 to assess your business on its ability to adapt to change, learning, and innovation. 

Targets, Tracking & Treasury

to assess your business on goal setting, KPI's, budgeting & capital allocation, cash flow management, sales, and profits.


to assess your business on employee recruitment, onboarding, development, promotional structure, and training.


to assess your business on priority setting, future plans, speed, and urgency.


to assess your business on its winning aspirations, purpose, mission and vision.


to assess your business on its core values, culture and communication.


to assess your business on its leadership and mentorship development, ability to influence and be influenced.


to assess your business on its ability to improve continuously in the face of challenges.

Tipping the Balance

to assess your business with respect to creating work/life balance for ownership and employees.

Determining your score is accomplished through a series of YES/NO questions and will take you less than 10 minutes.


At the end of the assessment, you will receive an email with your score on the 10Ts.

Once you complete the assessment, BOOK A COMPLIMENTARY CALL HERE with me. I'll provide solutions to the challenges identified in your assessment!

Take 10 Minutes To Discover 10x ROI

Get your business score today and find out the areas to improve upon to maximize business growth!

Still, have questions? Click here to understand the solutions STAND Advisors offer!

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