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Case Studies


Impact since joining STAND

  • Grown the team from 15 to 40+ in a massive growth year since their first strategy session with STAND.

  • Ranked as one of the top partner app in the Marketo App Ecosystem.

  • Landed deals with dozens of fortune 100 companies. 

  • Outperformed all their competitors even while being bootstrapped and re-investing cashflows with best in class capital allocation strategies. 


Impact since joining STAND

  • Broke through the 10MM revenue mark for the first time in 20+ years in business since joining STAND.

  • 25% profit growth through process improvements during their mapping sessions with STAND.

  • 30% revenue growth through new strategic initiatives. 

raymond team building.jpg

Impact since joining STAND

  • Grew profits by 150% since joining STAND.

  • Launched a new vertical (pre-Covid) thanks to our strategy sessions which generated enough revenue to replace lost revenue from their legacy business during Covid. 

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