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About Joe & STAND Advisors



During this odyssey of growth and discovery, my purpose was clarified.

With humility, charity and spirit: having an enduring impact; savouring life – learning, teaching, laughing, crying and loving together along the way.
Two things became crystal clear as I reflected on what I wanted to be when I grew up:
  • I was inspired by entrepreneurs, and always have been.
  • I was grateful for the journey so far, and for the successes and the failures that had shaped me.
It is with these insights that I welcome you and invite you to explore this space as you venture forward with your own odyssey of growth. It is my sincere hope that you find value within that exploration within this space.
As a client, you will be part of the Growth Odyssey community. We are few in number, and this works to our advantage. The relationships are high-quality and cherished by all involved. I know with an assurance that where there is a mutual fit, the value given and received is immeasurable.
Welcome, explore, reach out anytime!
For more about me and my own growth odyssey, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Created by business leaders who care about business leaders.

STAND Advisors was founded to 'stand by those who stand by' those who care enough to lead, grow, learn, and share. We stand by those who understand that working together grows the top line and bottom line of a business, and more than that, grows a person, a community, a family.


We stand by entrepreneurs and their teams who stand up for their customers, communities, families, and friends.


• Curate proven strategies & frameworks. 
• Community building with our members and their teams. 
• Collaborate with the best facilitators and partners.
• Challenge the current delivery models by embracing innovative technologies. 
• Change is the result as we make leadership development impactful and accessible to all small/medium enterprises.


Be THE leadership infrastructure for small/medium enterprises around the globe.

Core Values

All in

Internal Definitions

• We do what’s best for the company and our clients.

• We take the time needed to create success.

• Egos are left in check.

External Definitions

• We only work with teams that are all in.
• We create community and opportunities for dedicated teams to get value throughout their journey.
• Decide and take action. 


Internal Definitions

• How can I help? vs. I did my job, why didn’t you?
• We seek partnerships to help us succeed.
• We seek to complement our skills and trust the other to do what is needed.

External Definitions

• Community. It’s who we are and what we do. 
• It’s about WE, not ME.


Internal Definitions

• It’s the driving force of our vision. 

External Definitions

• Our clients are driven by a clear purpose, allowing them to make the hard decisions when needed.


Internal Definitions

• We challenge the status quo.
• What worked today doesn’t mean forever. 
• We challenge each other in all aspects of life.

External Definitions

• We challenge ourselves, our team, our STAND community. 


Internal Definitions

• We open the kimono.
• We are not ashamed to talk about all aspects of our lives to make this partnership successful.
• We say what needs to be said.

External Definitions

• We do what’s best for our clients even if that is not in the best interest of STAND. 
• We don’t tolerate jerks or BS from clients.

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Robert Rudy

Rob has spent the past 30 years building and leading companies while developing leaders through inviting change, making critical choices, and achieving results. He has been an entrepreneur in a family business, managed in a public company, and has led privately held companies. Rob has worked in industries as diverse as textiles, lighting, and medical devices, with global manufacturing experience, while partnering with global clients. Rob's focus is to engage and empower people to achieve company goals while exceeding client expectations. Today, Rob is following a passion, working closely with CEOs and their leadership teams by building highly accountable teams Doing so, Rob believes, allows companies to exceed their goals by making smart and healthy steps to achieve great success.


Pascal St-Jean

Pascal has earned a respected reputation as a passionate leader, visionary and advisor, whose ultimate goal is to transform lives and communities through the businesses & leaders that he supports. He has remarkable business achievements – creating and scaling multiple business ventures, all before the age of forty. Pascal has also been a strategic advisor to many other startup businesses in the Ottawa region. He has been actively involved with entrepreneur-based organizations. Since becoming a TEC Canada coach, Pascal has helped his 30+ clients achieve explosive yet sustainable growth which has led to him being the first to receive all of the lifetime achievement awards given by TEC Canada. Rookie of the Year, Innovation Award & Coach Excellence, Master Chair, and Chair of the Year. Pascal brings his experience as Founder, CEO, Investor, and Coach to the STAND Advisors Leadership Team as they help transform businesses and the lives of those who work there.

Advisors and Partners
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